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Tree Roots in Drains Perth


Drains can be clogged by tree roots. These roots may not seem like a large problem, but they often cause severe damage to your pipes. The worst part about root-related drainage plumbing problems is you won’t know that the problem is present until your pipe is completely blocked.

We have over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry and we have dealt with many tree root problems during that time. Don’t wait for your pipes to be damaged further, call Universal Plumbers today at 0412 919 777!

Pain in the drain

While it may seem like the neighborhood trees are out to get you, that isn’t the case. It’s in the nature of trees to seek out sources of moisture to ensure their survival. Eventually, their roots come across your wet, warm pipes and decide to call it home.

Once tree roots find a sustainable water source, they expand inside the pipes to improve their ability to absorb the moisture which clogs your drain even more.

Tree roots can inflict severe damage on your pipes and drains, that’s why it is imperative that you call us as soon as you find the issue.

Once the root of a tree has firmly established its presence, it’s quite hard to remove and the process can take a lot of time.

At first, the issues that the tree roots cause may not seem so severe — starting to manifest itself in small ways like slowing the flow in your drain or causing gurgling sounds. However, given time, the increased pressure caused by the ever-expanding roots can block all your drains or even completely destroy the pipe.

How to root out those roots

When tree roots attack your drain, your first instinct may be to kill the roots. The problem with this method of removal is that it could harm and kill the tree and even surrounding plants.

We at Universal Plumbers strongly advise against killing the roots, as being environmentally responsible is extremely important. Besides, there are other ways to resolve the problem that doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals. Our four-step process will remove tree roots for good.

  1. Precision cutting of tree roots
  2. Clearing of debris from drains and pipes
  3. Prevention of future regrowth
  4. Repair of damaged pipes

Call today!

Don’t wait for your root-related problems to get out of hand, call Universal Plumbers today at 0412 919 777!

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