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Gas Fitting

For decades, gas has been an essential component of every Perth home. Australia has the largest gas deposits on Earth, so we might as well make use of this domestically abundant fuel source.

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Gas is an incredibly versatile fuel source that is readily available to Australians. Wherever electricity just isn’t enough, gas takes over. Cookers, heaters, and lawn mowers all have great gas-powered models as alternatives to electric units.

That said, installing gas fixtures is easier said than done. That’s why it’s extremely important that you get qualified technicians to handle it instead of some random contractor that you find in your phone book.

Universal Plumbers has been offering a wide range of services to Perth residents for over four decades, and as such, we’re prepared to handle any job that you need done.

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Some uses of gas installation include:


Anyone who’s used a gas cooker has experienced its superiority to that of electric cookers. Most kitchens in Australia use gas over electricity.

Gas cookers deliver a consistent and stable heat to ensure your food is evenly cooked all the way through.


Sure, it’s a bit of a stereotype, but the love that Australians have for barbecue is one generalization that is actually accurate. It’s also well-known that most Australians use gas grills to cook during the cold season.

Gas grills are the best option for cooking at low temperatures as they ignite immediately and don’t require coal, charcoal, or any other solid fuel.

Our team at Universal Plumbers can install an external gas point for your home to help you host barbecues all throughout the year.


When it comes to heating, gas-powered systems are the best option because they are both economical and efficient. Using little to no electricity, it keeps your heating costs down to ensure that you can keep your family warm while keeping your wallet full.

There are multiple kinds of gas heaters available to the public. “Room heaters” are portable heaters that you can move from room to room while “space heaters” are units that will be heating a specific area of your house.

Last but certainly not least is “central heating.” Central heating is a method of heating entire homes and offices. It is a bit more cost-prohibitive than the first two methods, and as such, is utilized more often by companies rather than homeowners.

You can also install external gas heaters in your garden, backyard, or garage to help you use all areas of your house even during the cold months.

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