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We install hot water systems the right way

Proper installation of a hot water system is the best way to protect yourself from having to deal with problems like rust, splitting, and serious damage to other appliances.

The importance of hot water systems

Hot water systems have become a necessity over the past few decades. Some systems are gas-powered while others are electric. There have even been innovations in the market that have led to some hot water systems being powered by solar-power.

Regardless of how they are powered, these systems heat the flowing water in your pipes that then lead to your showers, bathtubs, and even washing machines.

Some people even use hot water systems to heat the water in the kitchen for the purpose of sterilizing utensils with high temperatures.

The problem is, when these hot water systems have too much pressure, the pipes could split leading to a wide range of consequences. Your washing machines, shower heads, and tapware could be seriously damaged.

But it gets worse, not only is your home at risk, your neighbors’ home could even be impacted by the catastrophic failure of your hot water system. The best way to ensure that your home — and the homes of others — aren’t damaged is to call a qualified plumber to immediately repair or replace your hot water system.

Periodic maintenance is also a good preventative measure to reduce the chances of problems like these arising.

Government rebates are given for choosing gas or solar powered hot water systems

If you switch from electric heaters to a gas-powered or solar-powered system, you could qualify for government rebates. Rebates are greater in the case of solar heaters and/or heat pump systems.

Do you need a qualified plumber to install a hot water system properly?

If you need a team of qualified plumbers with over 40 years of experience, call Universal Plumbers at 0412-919-777. Our technicians are extensively trained and have been armed with the best equipment available on the market to ensure that they are prepared to deal with any plumbing problem that you may be facing.

After arriving at your home, our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your hot water system and give you a transparent, fixed quote. After you approve the job, they’ll get started on the repair, replacement, or installation.

Our team drives around in fully-stocked vans to ensure they never have to keep you waiting while they go on a supply run.

To book a job, give us a call or click here. We’ll be in your home in no time at all! We offer same-day repairs 24/7, 365 days a year to any home in Perth — we even work on holidays!

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