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If your gas hot water system is failing, you smell gas on your property, or you just want a BBQ that conveniently runs on natural gas call Universal Plumbers at 0412 919 777 or click here to book a project. Universal Plumbers guarantees same-day plumbing and gas-fitting service.

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We can even be there sooner if you have an emergency job. Need a gas fitter during a public holiday? Never fear, Universal Plumbers will send you a gas fitter 24/7, 365 days a year.

We can attend to gas and plumbing emergencies across all of Perth and surrounding suburbs. Gas is a very efficient and economical fuel source when it comes to residential heating needs such as gas hot water, gas cooking, gas room heating, or even swimming pool heating.

That said, when it comes to gas, any leak or faulty appliance can lead to a dangerous situation which is why you need to keep a close eye on your gas fixtures and call Universal Plumbers immediately if you suspect that something is wrong. Gas is very flammable and can be ignited by something as small as the flick of a light switch.

If you suspect that your home or office is suffering from a gas leak, immediately turn off your gas and electricity at the meter, open all doors and windows, and don’t touch any electrical items that could cause a spark such as light switches. Refrain from using a flashlight or phone, instead, leave and get to a safe distance and call Universal Plumbers at 0412 919 777.

We’ll get to your property as soon as possible, pinpoint the leak, and get your gas fixtures back in safe working order in no time at all. Under no circumstances should you re-enter the property until your gas fitter tells you that it’s safe to do so.

How do you detect a gas leak?

Gas is actually odourless but gas suppliers add a chemical to most fuels that give it a strong odour. It generally smells like rotten eggs and is a safety precaution to ensure you can easily detect a gas leak.

For those with stuffy noses or scent disabilities, this odour may remain undetected which is why you should keep a lookout for other indications that there is a gas leak in your home. These red flags include:

  • Hissing or whistling noises from a gas appliance
  • No hot water
  • Changes in the colour of your gas pilot light
  • Constant extinguishing of your gas pilot light
  • Patches of dry grass or bubbling water on your property without a clear cause
  • Inexplicably higher than average gas bills
  • Health issues such as headaches, nausea, confusion, fatigue, breathlessness or vomiting – especially if you were feeling fine before you entered your property or before using a specific gas appliance.

If you experience any of the above symptoms in your home, call Universal Plumbers immediately to get an inspection and possible repair before your house goes up in flames with you still in it. Even if you doubt that a leak is really present, it’s better to check for good measure.

A rise in gas bills may just be due to the increase in energy bills but it could also be a gas leak, do you really want to bet your life that it’s the former and not the latter? Universal Plumbers has the tools, skills, and experience needed to accurately determine whether or not there’s a gas leak present on your property.

One of the most important tools for gas leak inspections is the trusty manometer. The manometer is a device that detects drops in pressure. If a manometer indicates that there is a gas leak in your home, the next step is pinpointing the exact location and cause of the leak.

Your gas fitter will do this by isolating each gas appliance and length of gas pipe. He will then retest each section with the manometer to find out where the inconsistent pressure is originating.

Once your gas fitter finds the pipe or appliance that’s causing the leak, he’ll repair it then retest with the manometer to ensure that there are no other compromised fixtures and then re-assure you that it’s safe to enter.

Be safe, call the pros

A gas leak in your home is one of the biggest threats to your safety and the safety of your family. Don’t skimp out on gas fitting costs and ignore the warning signs, call Universal Plumbers for a thorough inspection to detect any gas leaks early on.

Even if your house ignites when you and your family are out, you’ll still lose your home and all personal belongings — all the while compromising the safety of your neighbours and their homes.

Be a responsible member of your family — and community — by keeping a watchful eye on gas leaks and calling a licensed fitter as soon as you suspect that a leak is present.

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