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Affordable And Fast Backflow Prevention & Services In Perth

What is backflow?

Backflow is the process that consists of the reversal of fluids which causes it to enter the primary water supply pipes of a property — be it a business or residence. The tainted water could be contaminated with raw sewage, chemicals, and other debris like fecal matter and decomposing animal remains.

Backflow can be very dangerous and lead to long-term health issues if not managed by a backflow preventer.

How does backflow occur?

The water supply system in Perth is designed to deliver water to your property under pressure to ensure that your taps will always have a constant flow. If the pressure isn’t maintained, the water can flow back into the main water supply.

Maintaining your water pressure is imperative and, as such, you should keep tabs on it regularly. Some causes of backflow may include:

  • A crack or disruption in the water main
  • Water being pumped from a water main during a fire
  • A higher water pressure on your property than the one supplied by the water authority
  • Heavy water use downstream from your property
  • An elevated water outlet that is higher than the water main

Contamination hazards can be found in cross connections between your water supply and a contaminated source. The drop in pressure creates a vacuum effect that pulls the contaminated water back to the main supply. There are some areas that have an above-average chance of backflow occurring. These include:

  • Air conditioning towers
  • Irrigation areas
  • Fire hose reels
  • Ornamental Ponds
  • Swimming pools/spas
  • Vehicle maintenance pits
  • Dishwashers/glass washers
  • Bidets/bain-maries
  • Vehicle washing bays
  • Sullage pits/process tanks
  • Chemical injection areas
  • Dockside facilities/jetties
  • Boilers/steam pipes

What is a backflow prevention device?

Backflow prevention devices are an invaluable piece of equipment that avoid the contamination of clean water supplies. It plays an important role in the health of your family, community, and city. The backflow valve keeps toxic waste out of your city’s water supply. You’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing that the water your family drinks and bathes in is protected from backflow.

Be sure to regularly monitor your water and observe whether or not it is off-color in appearance, emits a foul odor, or tastes odd. These could be warning signs indicating the immediate need for a backflow prevention device or that your current device requires repairs by a qualified plumber such as Universal Plumbers.

The backflow valve is responsible for containing any contaminated water to ensure it doesn’t spread out into other water lines of your neighborhood or city. There are three types of backflow preventers that we’re going to cover in the next section.

Single-check, dual-check, or RPZ?

There are two kinds of backflow prevention devices, the kind you can test and the kind you can’t. The testable devices are separated into three branches — single-check, double-check, and RPZ — reduced pressure zone — valves.

Non-testable backflow prevention devices include some dual-check and single-check valves. You should choose a device based on the risk level of the contaminated water. Testable devices are needed for areas with high risk and high water contamination.

The law requires it

Here are some properties that are legally obligated to comply with backflow prevention:

  • Motels and unit complexes
  • Catering and allied industries
  • Hotels
  • Vehicle repair workshops
  • Stores and restaurants
  • Caravan parks
  • Medical and dental surgeries — including veterinary surgeries
  • Car and plant washing facilities
  • Dry cleaners and laundromats
  • Hospitals and funeral parlours
  • Clubhouses for sports etc.
  • Industrial installations
  • Schools, daycare centres, and kindergartens
  • Abattoirs
  • Pest control and water carrying vehicles
  • Chemical storage plants
  • Properties used for agricultural and horticultural purposes
  • Marinas, shop yards, and boat-building properties
  • Zoos and local attractions
  • Botanical gardens
  • Railway stations

Those who have a testable backflow device must have it checked by an endorsed backflow plumber like Universal Plumbers. Following the inspection, you must have the device registered with the Government of Western Australia.

The owner of the backflow prevention device must be either the tenant or the owner of the property; third party owners will be seen as illegitimate in the eyes of the law.

The endorsed backflow plumber who conducted the initial inspection must return every 12 months to monitor the condition of the device and see if its performance is still up to par with city health regulations.

Don’t wait for toxic waste to get into your family’s drinking water, just call Universal Plumbers at 0412 919 777 to keep your family healthy and safe. Remember, life is priceless, plumbing is cheap.

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