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    • Drain Blocking Shoalwater

      Blocked Drains Clearing in Shoalwater Perth

      We Can Unblock and Unclog Blocked Drains in Shoalwater

      Having a blocked drain in Shoalwater can be quite frustrating. They stink, they backflow, they block your toilets.  At Universal Plumbers our professional technicians are available 24/7 and can clear blocked toilets, sinks, and pipes.

      It could be Shoalwater gunk, hair, fat, grease, or tree roots invading your pipes and causing problems to reoccur.  We will get to the cause of the problem.

      Get the job done right the first time and call on the pros to fix your plumbing problems. We are prompt, efficient, effective, and offer very competitive prices.

      With over 40 years of experience, you know that we have encountered and fixed virtually any plumbing issue that you may be faced with. Our plumbers are all extensively trained to handle all types of plumbing problems quickly and promptly, we service all Perth suburbs including Shoalwater.

      Common Causes of a Blocked Drain

      • Toilet Paper: One of the most common issues, young children often overload the toilet with toilet paper.
      • Grease: Caused over a period of time as fat builds up and solidifies within the drain itself or in the catchment
      • Foreign objects: Drains can become blocked from a wide range of objects, one of the methods that we utilise to determine the best way to remove the foreign object is through the use of a CCTV drain inspection camera.
      • Tree roots: As tree roots seek water they will often destroy anything in their path to get to a source of water.
      • Cracked, damaged, or broken pipes
      • Incorrect installation: Drains that are installed without enough grade or “fall” can cause blockages to occur.
      blocked drains plumber Shoalwater

      Drain Blockage Prevention Tips for Your Shoalwater Property

      One of the best ways to prevent or at least slow the clogging of drains in your Shoalwater home or business is to be aware of what you are putting down the drain.

      Some of the things you would want to avoid putting down the drain include, cooking grease, hair, toothpaste, soap scum, and food scraps.

      Cooking oil, fat and grease should always be filtered out and disposed of into the rubbish instead of pouring down into the sink as these solidify as they cool that then cause blockages in the drains.

      It is important to prevent large amounts of hair from going down the drain, which can be difficult. It is generally recommended that hair should be brushed out over the bathroom floor before going into the shower and for men to prevent large amounts of facial hair from going down the sink when shaving.

      When washing dishes it is important to scrape off the food scraps as they are a large cause for a lot of blocked drains.

      Qualities That We are Known For

      • Targeted advice and relevant solutions that are tailored to your needs
      • Wide range of plumbing services
      • Quality work
      • Lifetime Guarantee
      • Consistent turnaround times
      • Emphasis on communication and customer satisfaction

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      If you need someone to unclog your toilet, clear roots from your pipes, or take care of blocked drains, contact one of our professional plumbers on 0412 919 777 or fill out our enquiry form here.

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