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  • Backflow Prevention and Testing in West Perth Perth

    What is Backflow, does it effect my business in West Perth?

    Backflow occurs when the water pressure of your home or business property plumbing drops below the pressure at the mains. This causes the water in your supply pipes to flow in the wrong direction. As a result the water is flowing back into the water supply pipes, which can mix pollutants with the fresh water. Once water has been contaminated in your West Perth property it can cause serious sickness or death.

    This means that it is required for properties to have a backflow prevention device and industrial areas have to have theirs regularly maintained and tested.

    Backflow issues can effect any business or property in West Perth. There are a variety of causes for backflow to occur such as a burst or ruptured water main, an excessive demand during a fire-fighting operation, a cross connected bore pump system with the internal water plumbing system.

    One of the ways Backflow of pollutants can be prevented is through the installation of an averting-valve, a one-way device that stops water moving backwards through the pipes.

    These devices (in industrial areas) are legally required to have regular maintenance and testing to ensure they are operating correctly and their effectiveness has not deteriorated due to age or wear.

    For all Commercial and industrial properties that have Restricted Pressure Zone Device (RPZD) system installed, the Water Corporation requires testing to be carried out every 12 months on the system by an accredited Backflow Testing agent, using a calibrated testing device.

    The fully qualified plumbers at Universal Plumbers are able to test and repair all backflow prevention devices for your West Perth property.

    There are three common backflow prevention device’s used in West Perth, these include:

    • Break tank, which creates a air gap that separates the incoming water supply from the downstream water system and an overflow that sits below the level of the air gap.
    • Reduced pressure zone backflow protection device, this device has two independent acting non-return values. This means that water flow through the device will only happen with the pressure can depress the valve springs opening the valve. The relief valve is located between the non-return valves and opens to atmosphere under conditions of backflow.
    • Double check backflow protection device, these devices use 2 independently operated spring loaded, non-return valves in series. Flow through the device will only occur when there is sufficient pressure to overcome the valve springs.

    Our experienced plumbers can provide a risk assessment for the potential for backflow on the property. After this we will be able to provide an estimate on what is required to ensure that you have safe, fresh and clean water and avoid contamination from backflow.  By identifying the backflow risk rating at your property Universal plumber’s are able to determine the best type of backflow prevention device or system for your West Perth property.

    While testing the backflow prevention system in West Perth the water will be required to be turned off. Our plumbers will work with you to determine the best time to reduce any inconvenience and ensure that the water is turned off for the shortest time possible.

    Business within industrial and commercial areas such as, Osborne Park, Malaga, Wangara, Joondalup and Balcatta should ensure that their backflow system or device is correctly installed and maintained by calling us for a low cost backflow test.

    If you would like to find out more about backflow or would like to book in our backflow prevention and testing service in West Perth contact us on 0412 919 777 or fill out our enquiry form here.

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    So again if f you would like to get a quote for your backflow testing in West Perth, then contact us on 0412 919 777 or fill out our enquiry form here.

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