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After serving Western Australia for over 40 years, we at Universal Plumbers like to consider ourselves experts in our industry. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction has given us quite the reputation — even winning us a few awards.

We’ve been solving plumbing & gasfitting problems all around Ocean Reef for over 4 decades and we have no plans of stopping.

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Most other plumbing & gas businesses prioritize speed over any other factor which can be detrimental to customer satisfaction. Don’t get us wrong, putting an emphasis on a quick turnover time is important, but not to the point that you neglect other equally important factors.

At Universal Plumbers, we prioritize things like cleanliness, friendliness, quality brands and fair prices to ensure that we can offer a well-rounded, stress-free experience without compromising on safety and quality.


The team of plumbers at Universal Plumbers are comprised of highly skilled and experienced individuals, and as such, we are able to cover a wide range of plumbing issues.

Here are some of the services that we offer to our customers:


When it comes to emergency plumbing, there’s one company that Ocean Reef residents have been calling on for years — Universal Plumbers. Known as the “24/7 emergency plumbers” of Ocean Reef , Universal Plumbers can save you from a plumbing nightmare regardless of the current time.

We’ll get to you fast and fix the problem even faster to ensure you can get back to sleeping, working, or any other important task at hand.

If you need a 24-hour emergency plumber, call Universal Plumbers at 0412 919 777.


The team at Universal Plumbers provides a wide range of gas services that spans installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our team of licensed gas fitters is ready to solve any problem you might encounter — be it a small fix or a gas emergency.

Many gas fitters are plumbers but not all plumbers are gas fitters. Be sure to get a technician licensed in both trades — gas fitting and plumbing — whenever hiring for a project.

Our technicians are fully licensed in both areas and ready to fill all your gas fitting needs. Give us a call today!


Hot water has become an essential part of your everyday life. Most people start their morning by taking a nice warm shower, but when your system suffers a breakdown resulting in no hot water, your whole day can be disrupted. Our team understands how frustrating it can be to have to start your day with a cold shower which is why we offer same-day repairs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our service covers all homes in Perth and surrounding suburbs and is even available during holidays. Don’t endanger yourself by taking matters into your own hands, just call Universal Plumbers so we can send over some licensed technicians.


Leaking toilets are one of those most common plumbing issues facing Perth residents. The longer you put off the repair, the more money you’ll lose due to the increase in your water bill. To avoid wasting more money, you should get your leaking toilets fixed as soon as you detect the problem.

Some leaking toilets don’t make much noise and are therefore hard to notice. The best way to find out whether or not you have a leaking toilet is by comparing your current water bill with the bills of previous months and seeing if there are any unexplained spikes.


Our team specializes primarily in residential plumbing but we also take on commercial projects. We know that each project is different which is why our technicians always try to clearly grasp your vision so that they can meet your needs. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction extends to all our commercial projects as well.

Our technicians have been trained to handle all kinds of plumbing projects. Constant practice coupled with years of experience ensures that they stay in top shape. For a team who’ll get the job done on time and on budget, call Universal Plumbers.


Backflow occurs when there’s a drop in pressure that causes contaminated water to enter the water supply of a home or commercial building. This tainted water can contain sewage, chemicals, and even fecal matter. Backflow can cause long-term health issues and be very dangerous to the health of everyone on the property.

The best way to protect your plumbing from falling victim to backflow is by maintaining the water pressure within your pipes. Getting a licensed backflow plumber to keep tabs on the pressure in your pipeline is imperative to keeping your water supply completely free of all contaminants.


Water leaks come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be a subtle dripping beneath your kitchen sink while others may flood your entire bathroom in a matter of minutes. Many water leaks can be hard to spot until it’s too late.

Every second that a leak is active is money out of your pocket. If you suspect that you have a leak, call our team and schedule an inspection. Don’t put the problem off or ignore your suspicions, get some qualified plumbers in your house to fix the issue before it spirals into a severe issue that causes costly damage to your property.


If you’ve bought a new home or plan on renovating your current estate, it’s important that you get qualified plumbers who can meet your needs and get you the home that you want. For over forty years all of Perth has trusted Universal Plumbers to cover all their residential plumbing needs.

Our team will help you with the crucial decisions throughout every step of the process. We understand that residential plumbing is different from commercial projects in the sense that it’s not just about flipping a property for profit, it’s about setting up a great living space for you and your family.


Our award-winning company offers only the best licensed plumbers that fill all your domestic & commercial plumbing needs. We can solve any problem, anytime, anywhere! If you live in Ocean Reef and you need the help of an experienced and skilled local plumber, give Universal Plumbers a call at 0412 919 777.

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